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We Endorse Claudia Meyer for City Council District 3!

April 30, 2013


Claudia Equal Rights Image2

For many decades,progress in the southern half of Dallas has been undermined and stalled by the continuing dysfunctional relationship that comes with the civic leaders of the area and their ties to North Dallas money. The money has continued to dictate what does or does not happen in the name of progress and rare is the opportunity for change. Two years ago, that opportunity occurred with the election of Scott Griggs to District 3 unseating a city council member known for his connections to the North Dallas piggy bank.

Now that districts in the southern half of Dallas have been redrawn by those with vested interests in what happens going forward, another rare opportunity has presented itself with Claudia Meyer’s candidacy to represent District 3.

claudia 1

Claudia is a decades long resident of the southern half of Dallas and is not a politician, has no political ties,  or other aspirations that would keep her invisibly chained to those across the Trinity River. Unlike her opponent for District 3, she is more comfortable talking one on one about important issues rather than preaching her to an audience with little regard to their interests. Claudia’s opponent continues to lie about her own record of achievements and will bend the truth any way that she can to get elected.


Claudia believes in rights of equality for all Dallas residents and has been endorsed by both Dallas Stonewall Democrats and The Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance. Her campaign expenditures are great, her pocket book is very low unlike her opponent who has been endorsed by and given financial aid by The Dallas Citizens Council.Her opponent does not “approve” of the Dallas gay community, and has turned her back on them every day for the last decade.

claudia 3

Claudia believes in a safe and clean environment for all Dallas residents and does not feel that we currently have the proper regulations on the books to keep us all safe from the emissions of the shale gas drilling industry. She attended all 22 public meetings of The Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force in 2012 and knows more about what is or is not being done about that issue than anyone in Dallas. Her opponent has no opinion, her benefactors won’t allow it.

claudia 4

She believes in a strong public library system that is available to all Dallas residents with the latest technology and research. She believes that the library system continues to be underfunded by the City of Dallas, giving Dallas residents limited access to one of the poorest library systems in the United States. Her opponent, a former librarian only gives lip service to the topic.

Claudia has no financial ties to any group, and is only beholden to the citizens of Dallas and is ready to work with them to help create as safer, cleaner, smarter Dallas. She’s ready to go to work for Dallas, and no one else. That’s why we endorse Claudia Meyer for Dallas City Council District 3.


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