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Fox Inside Dallas City Hall Hen House

August 7, 2013



City Manager Mary Suhm knew what she was doing when she hired Palomino back in the early days of shale gas exploration in the Barnett Shale.

Dallas City Hall audio tapes now reveal that Senior Assistant Dallas City Attorney Tammy Palomino is working hard for that promotion having been tutored in the artful game of dodge and weave known as the “Suhm move” around City Hall. Known professionally for her oil and gas litigation expertise, Palomino has been involved with the Dallas shale gas development process from the early days when Dallas began to look for drilling opportunities.


Over the past year, Palomino has been the lead City attorney in crafting an ordinance for the City of Dallas, while at the same time finding opportunities to make the shale gas industry happy with it’s final draft.Now that the Dallas City Planning Commission is in the final processes of creating the ordinance for the city council to approve or not, If the commission goes with Palomino’s direction, the gas industry will get everything that they want therefore putting the citizens of Dallas in the path of danger for decades in the future.

Over the summer, the commission has been engaged in unprecedented workshops to craft a new ordinance based on findings from the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force of 2012. During the bi monthly workshop meetings, Palomino continues to play her shell game of confusion for the commissioners even after they have agreed on important aspects of the proposed laws. No one outside of the conference room would know what type of game is being played until now.


When the planning commission agreed to a 1500 foot setback at a June meeting, they asked Palomino to make note of that decision. Chairman Alcantar asked her if she understood the decision and in response, Palomino replied that she did.


At the next meeting, Palomino shows up at the next meeting with no such change reflected in the draft. In it’s place was a 1000 foot set back. When Commissioner Paul Ridley asked Palomino about the difference, she once again began her shell game.

Citizen groups from Dallas have been attending the meetings as spectators and recording every word and nuance spoken at the meetings. But now, City Hall audio tapes reveal the actual shell game that Palomino continues to play at the commission workshops with the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 8th at 8:30 am.

Downwinders At Risk, FracDallas, Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling, Climate Reality Leadership Corps, and the Dallas Sierra Club have just released a letter addressed to Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and the Dallas City Council detailing the Palomino shell game tactics. The citizen groups want the Mayor to have Palomino removed immediately from her current advisory position and replaced with an outside adviser who has no connections to the shale gas industry.


The letter is below.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. August 7, 2013 2:08 pm

    If we thought for a second that getting rid of Mary Suhm and Tom Perkins was going to change anything at Dallas City Hall, then we were woefully wrong. Tammy Palomino is here to show us that secrecy, obfuscation, rewriting history and pretending that “yes” means “no”, and vice versa, is alive and well on Marilla Street.

    Hopefully, the CPC Commissioners will hold Palomino’s feet to the fire and force her to do what they agree upon rather than trying to change matters after the fact.

  2. RA King permalink
    August 10, 2013 9:53 pm

    So who is the powerful person who is keeping all this going?

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