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With 6 You Get… No Eggroll, But A Safer Dallas

August 29, 2013

Who would have guessed that the Mayor who pledged in 2011 to “never put any neighborhoods at risk because of money” cast a vote to put many Dallas residents at risk because of money. Trinity East Energy whose lease agreement began in 2008, lost their bid to drill 60+ gas wells and a gas refinery on Dallas parkland, and next door to the new $31,000,000.00 Elm Fork Soccer Complex still under construction.

Because the Dallas Planning Commission had recommended a denial earlier in the process, there needed to be a super majority of 12 city council votes to 3 to override the Planning Commission and approve the drilling. When the final vote was cast in three separate votes based on individual special use permits, the tally came down to 9-6 in favor of approving the applications thereby killing any drilling prospects by Trinity East Energy. Six city council members cast their votes of good fortune to prevent gas drilling inside the city limits of Dallas.


Mayor Mike Rawlings began the afternoon process with a statement saying. “I am personally opposed to urban oil and gas drilling in Dallas…There is place for everything under heaven and that place isn’t Dallas, in urban environment like Dallas.
To that end I will be supporting the efforts of our CPC under the new gas drilling ordinances.
However, today’s vote is not about new gas drilling standards or how I personally feel.. I will be voting to approve the SUPs because today is not about pro or con on a theoretical issues. We have a contract with a business…

Some may have wished that the Mayor could have stated, “I am personally opposed to urban oil and gas drilling in Dallas…There is place for everything under heaven and that place isn’t Dallas, in urban environment like Dallas. As I said in 2011 at The Texas Theatre, I will not put Dallas residents safety and health above the threat of a lawsuit or financial gain. Therefore, after serious consideration and given the location of these applications that sit next door to our new Soccer complex where many Dallas families will be every day of the year, I will be voting to deny all three applications by Trinity East Energy.”

But the Mayor chose to straddle the fence as he desired to have it both ways with Dallas residents and the gas industry. He voted to approve along with nine other city council members.


Voting down the applications to keep Dallas residents safe were 6 council members, Scott Griggs, Philip Kingston, Adam Medrano, Monica Alonzo, Carolyn Davis, and Sandy Greyson. These six council members showed great integrity with their votes to keep Dallas safer, and they should be applauded by all of Dallas.

Dallas residents can now breathe easier, and safer knowing that there will not be any shale gas drilling inside Dallas. After all, we all breathe the same air, and we drink the same water. don’t we?




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  1. August 30, 2013 1:22 pm

    Wish we could place that beautiful graphic with those beautiful faces on billboards at every entryway to Dallas. Amen.

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