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And Your Little Kid Too!

September 25, 2013



Tomorrow is scheduled to be the final session whereupon the Dallas City Planning Commission will finish writing the new Dallas gas drilling ordinance. But before it is finished and sent to the Dallas city council for a vote, Senior Assistant City Attorney Tammy Palomino has conjured up language and placed into the ordinance that would endanger Dallas residents no mater where they live, work, and even where Dallas children play. In previous workshops and meetings the City Planning Commission had discussed the definition of  “protected uses”. In those discussions, “protected use” was considered to be homes, schools, daycare, hospitals, nursing homes, workplace, public parks, golf courses, playgrounds, hotels, motels, apartments, and similar housing all within the city of Dallas.

The proposed language that Palomino has inserted on PAGE 3 reads as this:

CPC recommendation:

(v) PROTECTED USE means institutional and community service uses, except cemetery or mausoleum uses; lodging uses; office uses; recreation uses, except when the operation site is on a public park, playground, or golf course; retail and personal service uses, except commercial motor vehicle parking or commercial parking lot or garage; and residential uses. 8/21/13]

CPC recommendation:

(aa) Except as provided in this provision (ii), a gas drilling and production use must be spaced at least 1,500 feet from a protected use (except trailers or mobile homes placed on the operation site as temporary residences for workers).

CPC recommendation:

 (bb) City council may reduce the minimum 1,500 foot spacing requirement by not more than 500 feet with a favorable vote of three-fourths of all members of the city council.


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To continue the evil effects of gas emissions on humans, Tammy Palomino has written into the proposed ordinace, an allowance that put gas compressor stations/refineries much closer to Dallas residents. Palomino’s book of spells has written this language you see below:

1.         Draft compressor station regulations. 

 51A-4.203(3.3) – Gas pipeline compressor station.

                                    (A)       Definitions:

                                                (i)         GAS PIPELINE COMPRESSOR STATION means a facility for devices that raise the pressure of a compressible fluid (gas) in order for the gas to be transported through a transmission pipeline.  This use does not include compressors that are part of a gas drilling and production use that only provide compression for gas to circulate into a gathering system.

                                    (B)       Districts permitted: By SUP only in industrial research and industrial manufacturing districts. Must be located a minimum of 1,000 feet from a residential district, measured in a straight line, without regard to intervening structures or objects, from the nearest boundary of the lot where this use is conducted to the nearest boundary of a lot in the residential zoning district.


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Tammy Palomino and her staff must stop the putting language into the gas drilling ordinance that would endanger Dallas residents. The time has come for Dallas residents to rise up, throw water on this process and watch it melt away before it becomes too late.





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  1. September 25, 2013 4:08 pm

    It is time to “Mary Suhm” Tammy Palomino. The woman has no shame or integrity. Her only objective seems to be to water down any protection for public health and safety in favor of an easier path to gas well drilling in Dallas. She seems to be oblivious of the near riot that is citizens demanding stricter prohibitions, and that includes an outright prohibition to ANY drilling in parks and floodplains under any circumstances whatsoever.

    It is time for us to direct our fury toward Palomino and demand her resignation.

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