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Ignorance is bliss in Dallas

November 2, 2010

When it comes to really important issues that can affect everyone for the rest of their lives, like being able to buy a beer with your taco, or watching the good Baptist blow up their buildings, the media is all over those “issues” in great numbers. But take for example, contaminated air and water, loss of property values, off the public radar financial deals, slick politicians who tell you they “care”, and the coverage can sometimes be, well, sparse at best.

On Friday night, October 29th, Josh Fox the director of Gasland came to Dallas with his film to launch a stay at the Angelika Dallas. City council member Angela Hunt welcomed the audience for two reasons, #1: it’s in her district. #2: she is concerned about the course the city is taking on gas drilling. Now, remember when Ms. Hunt raised such a stink about the city not having public input regarding gas drilling? Oh yeah, you don’t remember because the city flew it under the radar and the major media outlets played along as well. Problem?

Imagine our dismay, when at the screening we did not find any television coverage or Dallas Morning News representatives. In fact, the entire city council and city planners were invited to attend and only one city planning commissioner made it out that night. Let’s hope, Mayor Tom and Mary take the “kids” to a matinee screening sometime this week. There were two media writers, from The Dallas Observer and Pegasus News who attended and if you read their coverage, both are very fair and very balanced.

We are just concerned that the rest of the city is not.

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