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Frack the Kids!

August 26, 2013

soccer comboThat is what will happen on Wednesday if the Dallas City Council chooses to approve the three Trinity East Energy SUP’s  that would allow 60+ wells, and a gas compressor facility/refinery to sit next door to the new Elm Fork Soccer Complex.

That new soccer complex is currently under construction and just recently, the Dallas Park Board met to discuss allowing FC Dallas to manage the facility and choosing Dr Pepper to be the corporate sponsor. Even though the SUP’s have been in a state of hold up until recently, the City of Dallas went ahead and broke ground on the new soccer complex to be ready by 2014.

City of Dallas authorities have not said why the construction began even while the gas permits had yet to be approved or denied. As Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told The Dallas Observer back in December…”the deal was cut.” We just don’t know with whom or who it benefits. Unless the council has already agreed to deny all three permits, you can expect kids to play soccer in the contaminated fields of the new complex and enjoy Dr Pepper at the same time.

elm fork soccer complex gas refinery1pm


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  1. August 28, 2013 11:44 am

    Unfortunately, this seems to be the very same modus operandi as has occurred throughout the North Texas region. Industry convinces cities to build all this heavy, industrial activity as close as possible to what are normally “protected uses,” which gives “cover” and a sense of normalcy to all of it. Looking at all of this through a lens of reality is made more difficult with these tricks. Hopefully, the citizens of Dallas will win this round today. Amen.

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