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Mean Girls

March 10, 2011

On February 24, 2011 Dallas city council member Angela Hunt offered an open and transparent proposal for a task force to study the effects of gas drilling in Dallas, Texas. As of now, 4 other council members have joined Ms. Hunt in her efforts. They are: Carolyn Davis, Pauline Medrano, Vonceil Hill, Tennell Atkins. No one at this writing has joined with the others.

But  council members Ann Margolin and Linda Koop have been pulling together their own version of a task force because apparently, they know better.

Where were they in 2008 when Angela Hunt said that the city was moving too fast?

Where were they six months ago when the city received the first two applications to drill inside the city?

Where were they?  Where’s their task force?

Why haven’t they shown it?   Why do they want Angela’s task force to go away?

Why is this being done in secret behind closed doors?

Where is Dave Neumann, when these applications are in his district?

Why won’t anyone ask them the tough questions?

The remaining city council members need to get behind Angela Hunt’s request for an open and transparent task force to study shale gas drilling in Dallas, Texas. Otherwise, we all become collateral damage because of a lack of guts on their part.

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